Regional Network of Laboratories

Regional network of laboratories – a regional laboratory strategy has been developed, to “support the development and capacitation of a network of laboratories to support the national regulatory agencies (Agricultural, Environmental and Food Safety agencies)”, as it relates to the implementation of those provisions within biosafety legislation being developed by countries to:

     (i) deal with the surveillance of Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) and Living Modified Organisms for Food, Feed and Processing (LMO-FFPs) entering or leaving the country;

     (ii) monitor the contained use of LMOs or LMO-FFPs, where necessary; and

    (iii) comply with any other provision relating to biosafety for which laboratory testing is required. 

Within the context of this strategy, designated laboratories for GMO testing have been identified in project countries.  It is also being proposed that the laboratories on the three Campuses of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, could serve as designated reference laboratories under a Memorandum of Understating to be developed, to provide support to countries in the Region in areas such as advanced GMO testing, in-service training and short-term attachments.