CPB & BCH Educational resources

Training modules

There are several training modules available in PDF format, which provide a range of information from introductory material to in-depth review. Most modules contain interactive exercises and detailed walk-throughs of the steps required for each activity.

An Introduction to Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Resource An Introduction to the Biosafety Clearing House

Resource Surfing the BCH Central Portal

Resource Finding Information in the BCH Central Portal

Resource Recommended Guidelines for Countries

Resource Registering Information in the BCH Central Portal

Resource Registering National Information in the BCH Central Portal

Resource Sharing Biosafety Information on the BCH Central

Resource Information-sharing Obligations On Becoming a Party to the Protocol

Resource Using the BCH for Customs and Border Control tasks

Interactive modules

There are two interactive training modules designed to enable users to understand the concepts introduced in Training Modules 1 and 2 in a hands-on manner. The modules are designed in Macromedia Flash.Please feel free to download and install the interactive modules.

Case studies

There are several interactive case studies designed to assist users in applying the concepts covered in the various training modules. Click here to access the case studies


About 50 webinars (seminars-on-the-web) on the use of the BCH were organized by the UNEP-GEF BCH II Capacity Building project, in 5 languages, covering all main aspects of Cartagena Protocol, Finding Information with the help of the BCH (from different points of view, e.g. importers, exporters, customs, etc.), Registering national and reference information in the BCH, managing National Authorized Users, and getting the most out of the available BCH training & education materials.

Click here to access all webinars recordings.

BCH Tutorials

The BCH Tutorials available from this link were produced by the SCBD and are composed of five modules providing guidance on the basic features of the different BCH sections.
Click here to access the tutorials.